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  • Hey Kids, Live Music!
    Hey Kids, with the restrictions lifting around the world it seems we are privileged once again after what seems… well what was years to be able to enjoy live music once again! Now I can only speak to the restrictions locally to me in the Great White North, so I’m sorry if the current freedomContinue reading “Hey Kids, Live Music!”
  • Hey Kids, Comics!
    Hey Kids, Comics… well a Comic book creator… Id like to talk to you about a favorite creator of mine Stjepan Sejic, an artist writer who has published work from DC including the celebrated mini series Harleen amongst other giants like Aquaman, the Justice League, Suicide Squad, Nightwing, Green Arrow and Teen Titans. Stjepan isContinue reading “Hey Kids, Comics!”
  • Servant Season 3 Premiere
    What is going on in this show? I have many questions I would like addressed here. So if you have them, click on the YouTube video below where we covered the first Episode entitled “Donkey” Here are some updates on the Turner family, as Season 3 has jumped 3 months in time from the endContinue reading “Servant Season 3 Premiere”

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