No Way to Watch

Even Spidey Masks Up

So I have been a Spidey fan for as long as I can remember. 1 Day before I was about to watch, I was diagnosed with COVID. This was devastating, but I’m sure I am not alone here.

To give you an idea of how big of a psycho I am when it comes to entertainment, I can think of 3 Specific examples.

  1. When the Breaking Bad finale was a few days out, I paid my cable bill 2 months in advance to make absolutely SURE I would not miss out on what was the best Series finale of all time. Also the best show of all time if you ask me. Unnecessary? Maybe, but so is drinking your own urine, but its sterile, and I like the taste.
  2. When Avengers Infinity War tickets went on sale I was SO quick to get my tickets, so quick in fact that I didn’t realize I bought the entire row in a movie theater in Washington DC. I live in Philadelphia. I ended up getting the correct tickets, but I’m sure some people in DC were NOT pleased that the best real estate in the theater was empty, because I am an idiot when it comes to my passions.
  3. When Endgame came out, I took off work 4 days prior to release, just in case I died to or from work. Yeah I know, I quarantined before it was cool.

This time around, I had no worries, my tickets were secure, prime real estate, and everything was looking like I was going to see my favorite Superhero Spidey in what is supposed to be the “Endgame” of Spider-Man movies. I wouldn’t know. I still can’t go to the theaters for another 10 days. But guess what, I’m sure there are a lot of you in the same shoes I am in.

Just know I feel for you, and it is killing me I still have not watched No Way Home. But if you are like me, avoid spoilers. Then, when we test negative of this horrible virus, we can all be kids again for the first time watching the magic unfold on screen.

Just do me a favor and do NOT bootleg it. This is an EVENT, and we must watch it in person, on a big ass screen. Just hold out a little longer. Long Live Tom Holland.

Dan – Scene Invaders

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