Don’t Look Up

Into Timothée Chalamet‘s Eyes….You will fall in Love

The latest Adam McKay entry “Don’t Look Up” is a comedic take on an apocalypse Movie. Usually the crazy Scientist is ignored for a bit, then taken serious, then saves the world (or at least gets the Government on board to help do their part). In this Movie, Jennifer Lawrence’s Kate Dibiasky & Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dr. Randall Mindy work together to discover a new Comet, and subsequently figure out it is headed directly towards Earth. This isn’t a minor level threat either, as the Comet would completely destroy the World, and everyone on it.

When Kate & Dr. Randall take this matter to the next level, with the help of Rob Morgan’s Dr. Teddy Oglethrope, who added an extreme level of humanity to this Movie. Because basically everyone at the White House was a piece of shit. Meryl Streep played President Orlean & Jonah Hill played her psychotic son, who also happened to be Chief of Staff Jason Orlean. Basically Kate & Randall were laughed out of the room because they didn’t go to an Ivy League School.

Then enter Mark Rylance’s Peter Isherwell, head of a giant Cell Phone Company that has an idea to break down the Comet to a smaller size so the smaller pieces could land safely on earth, so the rich could mine them for precious metals. The Country was divided on this, as this was surely a play on Trump Supporters and Non supporters. The “Don’t Look Up” hats may have well have said “MAGA”. Whether side you support, you must appreciate this comedic jab from McKay.

Needless to say, his plan fails, the President, Peter, and other elites load onto a Spaceship to leave Earth, knowing the plan had failed. Which ends hilariously about 22,000 years later after their ship landed, on a semingly habitabal planet .Then President Orlean apporaches a “beautiful” creature and her face is eaten by a “Bronteroc” . This was a hilarious callback to when Peter told her how she would die. How didn’t they age in over 22,000 years? I don’t know man, cryosleep? Either way, that joke really landed for me.

Everyone else either is fucking in the street, looting, praying, or – like the main cast is doing, eating dinner together as a family. There was Randall, his wife & kids, Kate, Dr. Teddy, and the scene stealer of the Movie, Timothée Chalamet‘s character Yule. They all sit there, not panicking, just loving each other. It gave me movie allergies. That’s the way to go out. Calm, in the presence of your loved ones. What an ending.

But let’s talk more about Yule.

Once he was introduced I needed a Yule prequel, like yesterday. I have been a fan of his for a very long time, and you could argue that he is the next Leo. On our Podcast I deemed him Oscar Kid #1 (4 years ago). So I have been on the Timmy fan train for a while now, and its only going faster at this point. He will win an Oscar someday, like come on, he can do it all. He led his Countryman into Battle in “The King” on Netflix, starred in the Epic “Dune”, and he was even in Interstellar to kick things off (he played young Casey Affleck). His IMDB speaks for itself, and he is a joy to watch in anything he appears in.

So what I ask of you, let’s all bombard Adam McKay’s Twitter feed @GhostPanther and let’s get a Yule sequel going. It can even be the events leading up to when he meets Kate (pictured above). I just need more Yule.

With an extinction level even headed his way, what does he do. Does he panic? Does he fuck off and leave Kate? No. He proposes to her, and for the first time the entire movie, I felt Kate to be happy. And isn’t that what we all want in this world? To be truly happy?  Well, Yule can deliver that to us all for another 2 hours as Yule. Let’s make it happen.

I mean, look at his baby blues too. It’s insane…

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