From “Brad” to “Brad From Canada”

Hello all, Thanks for checking this blog out, Im not ashamed to say this is my very first Blog entry ever!

If you’ll endulge me I’d like to tell you why and how I’m here.

A few years ago I was looking to listen to a podcast the delt with pop culture, but I didn’t want one hosted by a celebrity, as… well as fun as they can be… there is a disconnect they deal with… one, being uber wealthy and the other just being in the industry might make them a little bias on the subjects they talk about.

So, I searched and found a little show called Scene Invaders with Dan and Bill… I gave it a listen and enjoyed their chemistry and there no nonsense approach to talking about actors and productions they enjoyed and had criticisms with. I also laughed a lot at their quips and jokes, they weren’t trying to be funny… which so many podcast hosts try to do… they were just two guys talking and being funny. I was hooked.

I emailed them, they read my email… and I was delighted to hear my… me! some Jag Off from the great white north… My name “Brad” on a podcast. Danny coined me “Brad from Canada” which I loved instantly lol. They talked about how I was their first international listener. Another title I do hold with pride (Canadian Pride… its just being proud and not talking about it unless you had a few beers) and smile on occasion thinking about being first at anything… I never played Sports Ball so being first at anything is fun.

I continued to listen and write in to the Scene Invaders show and they wrote me back and talked about the subjects I’d bring up. It was fun, I told all my friends about the show and they told their friends and so on and so on.

Then… well ok, my wife left me… not cause of the podcast lol… no other reasons. imagine if if was because of the podcast??? “Brad Its either me or Scene Invaders”… as I put on my ear buds and walk out the door LOL, ok none of that happened.

During my separation 3 things happened, 1 I listened to Scene Invaders and honestly forgot all the heavy emotions I was dealing with, the show was an escape for me, a reminder that there is fun stuff to watch and listen to and consume, which led to making new friends over shared loves of the media discussed on the show. 2 I discovered Ted Lasso because of a recommendation from Danny, this show helped me get through my emotional turmoil that I was swimming in. if you have seen the show you know… if you haven’t WTF is wrong with you? It’s the best show! 3 I was invited to come on to my favorite podcast and talk, which I did. It was episode 200. That was fun, so much fun, and it was cathartic as I talked about my affinity and appreciation for what Scene Invaders did for me.

Then… The hosts of the show asked me to co-host… which I jumped at, I loved being on ep 200 and I wanted to do it again in any capacity! I was introduced as Brad From Canada, as I said a title I revel in. We talked Movies TV Comics Video Games and whatever else you need covered. I was happy to be part of it.

Then… The hosts asked me if I wanted to do a YouTube show with them… WTF!!!!!!! Me? Why? lol. They were very kind and told me I had a personality that fit. I was just intoxicated enough to say “Yes” and then with the help of my girlfriend came up with “The Retr0Old Guy” cause… well I’m older then the podcasts creators… a running joke I still love… when I can remember it… I’m old.

I had a few drinks and recorded a show on GIJOE sent it and it got put on You Tube… it was watched enough times that I decided I want to do more, so I went out got a lap top and just dove in. I love doing it. I really do, it gave me a project that got my head straight during a very down time in my personal life.

I have recorded a few shows which has evolved to “The RetrOld Guy, Brad from Canada” where I review stuff I loved in my youth wayyyyyyyyyy back in the 70s 80s and 90s to see if it still holds up, and I add some Canadian experiences that me and my silly friends and family endure during my consuming of the things I once loved…

Once bitten… Now I want to do more. And I will.

That’s my up to date tale… From Brad… to Brad from Canada, you know I wouldn’t be here without Scene Invaders, the direction and opportunities they gave me are something I can’t really repay (Thank God they haven’t asked for any compensation… Canadian money doesn’t spent like American money does) but I will try and do my best to have fun with the boys and girls while on here.

Thanks for reading

The Names Brad From Canada

Be curious, not judgemental

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I drink and l know things. Love comics animation podcasts and i enjoy people.

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