Hey Kids COMICS!

Hi, you know all the great things as of late you have been watching on TV and in the theaters… well most of them are based on comic books… I know right!

So, Im a comic nerd, have been for about 35 years, so Im here to hightlight some books I come across while looking at my local comic shops. Old and New.

The one I’m talking about today is Kyle Higgins Radiant Black. its a super hero tale thats really worth checking out. If you were a fan of the comic Invincible then this is the book for you. It has the same feel of fantastic things happening organically.

The book highlights failing writer Nate Burnette who after some rather hefty financial woes is forced to move back into his parents home to continue his dream of stretching out his published short story into a full on novel. He is met with open arms from a loving mother, a… not too impressed father and a very excited long time old friend Marshal.

Marshal takes Nate out to drink and catch up and then the fun begins… Nate finds a black (Like the title!!!!!! ya, we getting somewhere now) orb floating about him… touches it and is endowed with superpowers… BANG, that’s it.

And can I say how refreshing that concept is. it’s been many years that such a simple premise has been used to such great effect. Powers… BOOM!

I’m not going to spoil this book with much detail, no, I want you to read it! it’s worth your time and money if you like superhero comics, there are fun incidents and I’d say perhaps one of the more original twists I’ve ever read!

Do yourself a favor, pick up Radiant Black in either trade which is how I read the first arc or single issues. In my advanced age I find myself preferring the trade format to read. And since its an Image comics first trade it’s cheaper then the following trades that will come next… which I will be picking up once available.

There you go kids, COMICS. Have you read this? tell me what you think about it.

The Names Brad from Canada

Win if you can lose if you must but never cheat.

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I drink and l know things. Love comics animation podcasts and i enjoy people.

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