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Hey Kids, Brad from Canada here, and I like music, like you do. So today I’m going to talk (write/type) about an artist my gal pal Danni turned me on to.

His name is Leo Moracchioli and he is a Norwegian metal musician and producer based in Otedal. A multi-instrumentalist, he is best known for awesome and in my opinion superior metal covers of popular songs ranging from the Pokémon theme song to Bony M Rasputin (my favorite of his) this uber talented gentleman has gained over 4 million followers on YouTube as Frog Leap Studios.

Leo and his Daughter singing “call me baby”

I first heard of him as I said from my Gal Pal Danni, we were drinking (she’s Canadian too) at her place playing a game (simmer down perverts) of You Tube Music roulette, its fun. You pick a song, then the next song is picked by the available songs suggested. We were 2 beers in when we started and 2 cases and a few when we ended…

I picked a song by Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer… its a favorite of mine shut up. And I lame white guy danced to it in her kitchen. Her turn was next and she played… Living on a Prayer… but it was… HEAVY! guitars crunching, drums pounding and a voice that had a killer edge to it, but was melodic at the same time. I… lame white guy danced some more but with more vigor!!! this tune was… AMAZING!!!!!

When it was my turn to pick I chose another song by the same artist… Leo Moracchioli… which I called Leo cause… I’m and uncultured swine who couldn’t pronounce his name. I chose Rasputin and… yes lame white guy danced harder. And if you ask Danni she will say she didn’t dance, but she did… But see I’m a little afraid of her as she can easily out drink me so… PLEASE do me a solid and just don’t ask her if she danced… We cool?

At the end of the game and the 2 cases of beer we drank I must have chose every song I could of Leo’s… well was I wrong… in the cab on the way home I looked at my Spotify through one bloodshot eye and saw he had over 30 albums of cover songs! I hastily added him to my library and downloaded every song.

To say he’s passionate is an understatement

The next day my ear buds pounded out Leo’s brand of METAL inspired hits, like Hello from Adelle, WAP from that one girl… sue me, and Africa from Todo. Leo is such an animal when it comes to recording that he records a hit about once a week. And he will routinely play every instrument himself and produce it together… Just go watch “Can’t touch this” where you see him play every instrument and sing solo… from his bathroom… as he couldn’t get to his studio cause of Covid… the man is a machine.

His brand is fast and fun and I will see him play one day with my gal pal Danni when he hopefully plays in the North with his band Frog Leap.

The Frog Leap band members are – Leo Moracchioli (vocals and guitar), Erik Torp (bass), Rabea Massaad (guitar), Truls Haugen (vocals and drums).

Do yourself a favor and search him up on any of your music apps social media or You Tube. You won’t regret it.

Hey Kids, Music. Thanks for Reading

The Names Brad from Canada

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