Hey Kids, Comics!

Hey Kids, Comics… well a Comic book creator… Id like to talk to you about a favorite creator of mine Stjepan Sejic, an artist writer who has published work from DC including the celebrated mini series Harleen amongst other giants like Aquaman, the Justice League, Suicide Squad, Nightwing, Green Arrow and Teen Titans.

Stjepan is a Croatian born artist who wanted to be a lawyer… seriously, he started his art career in comics as a colorist for Image artist Tyler Kirkham, who has a wonderful 90s style that got many young men (and some women) into comics for the visuals alone… Image started as a heavy art influenced company… Look at it now! in my opinion they have the most captivating stories on the shelves.

Stjepan who was influenced by Image alum Marc Silvesrti and the late great Michael Turner signed on to do the art duties on Witchblade from issue #116 to #150, which was the longest run of the series drawn by a single artist. Not too shabby, his art just fit with the look of the main character and all the action that went along with it.

I love Image comics and their books. But who woulda have thunk I discovered his work in of all things a romance story. Yes while perusing the Comic shop I saw a stunning cover to a book called Sunstone, his creator owned work… Which I’m going to focus on here.

Its a series about 2 women who start a BDSM relationship that is well… actually a realistic portrayal of said relationship along with the fun and… occasional awkwardness of a kinky couple. The book has a stunning lay out, laugh out loud panels and heart wrenching moments that actually had me tear up at the situations our protagonists Ally and Lisa were put through.

What it also has is a genuine look into the world of BDSM without all the dirty under ground gritty seedy vibes most media go for in an attempt to shock you into watching. No Stjepan writes with love and respect for the life style as he and his wife, talented comic artist with published work herself Linda are proud active participants in the BDSM world. I noticed the genuine quality as I myself fall in the category of kinkster. But as I said its not the more popular portrayed images of whips, chains and pain and sensationalistic graphic filth. there is love in these stories… both in the pages and from the creator himself. Not that he doesn’t have a wonderful sense of humor about the subject matter!

Sunstone has gone 6 volumes and has a prequal spin off ‘Mercy’ about the what I thought were simple a up and coming supporting cast of Sunstone, but you soon read that even the secondary characters have compelling wonderful stories themselves.

This is somewhat of a love letter from me to this creator… one for having the most stunning art I’ve seen in my 35 plus years of reading comics. Beyond his uber talent I also applaud his subject matter of BDSM and treating it with the utmost respect that would only come from an active participant of the kinky life style that as I said he has made no apologies for being a part of it.

I’ve only gleamed Stjepan’s work on this blog… look him up he has done work for most publishers, done video game art and even streams live drawing tutorials on Twitch. Do seek out his work, he has something for everyone.

Thanks for reading kids.

The Names Brad from Canada, I’m here for a good time, and a long time.

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