Servant Season 3 Premiere

What is going on in this show? I have many questions I would like addressed here. So if you have them, click on the YouTube video below where we covered the first Episode entitled “Donkey”

Here are some updates on the Turner family, as Season 3 has jumped 3 months in time from the end of Season 2.

Dorothy is happy as I have seen her all series.

Sean seems to be very content, happy that he could cook for Jericho for the first time, complimenting his Son’s palate.

Julian is clean, has a new girlfriend, and seems to be in very positive spirits.

Then there is Leanne. She is VERY paranoid that the Church of Lesser Saints, led by Aunt May, are out for revenge. She can’t even walk down the block because she assumes anyone she sees to be a cult member, including the man who looks eerily similar to Uncle George, who Julian promptly paid off.

She hasn’t even been able to write a single word in her journal that Dorothy gave her in efforts to help her get back to some sense of normalcy.

Theory Time:

What We Do Know:

It has been 3 months, so Leanne is not pregnant (yet), although we do find out they are still sleeping together despite Julian having a new girlfriend, and Leanne does not want to end that part of their relationship.

What we Don’t Know:

What is going on with the house!? In Season one a crack formed down the middle of the basement, this ended up causing a black goo substance to leak out, and eventually where Aunt Josephine was roasted. (and it’s still not fixed? What is this shit??) M. Night Shyamalan did confirm Leanne has a connection with the house, and when she feels anger, the house takes some damage. Like when Julian was almost crushed by falling brick chasing after Leanne. But the goo? Someone explain this to me.

Leanne even had a Murph moment from Interstellar, where instead of the bookcase talking to her, the black goo talks to her, causing her to scribble down a flock of birds – Which ends up foreshadowing Julian being attacked by a pack of rabid Seagulls

Leanne then gets drunk and tries to get Toby to come over for a booty call.

Lastly, who broke into the Turner’s house, surely it was someone from The Church of Lesser Saints, no?

What I need to know, when will we see Aunt May, is she truly the big bad behind it all. Remember when the P.I Roscoe went missing he said he saw a man (or creature) that has hooks as hands. Could this person be the big bad? Or could he be the person/ creature that the cult worships?

Check out our video below and leave comments, lets figure this out together.

Just remember, don’t fuck with Leanne.

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