Hey Kids, Live Music!

Hey Kids, with the restrictions lifting around the world it seems we are privileged once again after what seems… well what was years to be able to enjoy live music once again!

Now I can only speak to the restrictions locally to me in the Great White North, so I’m sorry if the current freedom were enjoying isn’t shared with your region. Rest assured we will all get there!

So yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a concert with my best Gal Pal Dani, who treated me with tickets to the Canadian band The Trews. Years ago they won a radio contest Rock Search and have been touring strong ever since, so strong my Gal Pal Dani has seen them with this showing 12 times! Yes she’s a fan!

And after seeing their performance at the Niagara Falls Convention Center… I am too! I was a casual listener to their music as it played out of my car speakers on the local radio station… But after seeing them live… they jumped onto my favorites in my Spotify library.

The mood was light and rocking and they played to the crowd expertly. I’ve seen Guns N Roses, Metallica, Korn, Rob Zombie in huge sold out stadiums in my youth… Always fun… but this was a smaller intimate venue with folding chairs and bar tables and the ability to walk about and dance with… well anyone who wanted to dance with you, and that pretty much described the whole crowd!

The Crowd was so wonderful, dancing, singing, laughing and just celebrating. You could feel the energy of being cooped up for 2 years… and this band the Trews played a soundtrack to what felt like freedom.

I enjoyed myself and my friend so much that we’re already looking forward to our next live music outing.

Concerts have been around longer then streaming TV, the Internet, the Radio… Do yourself a service… take in this style of entertainment… You will not regret it.

The Names Brad from Canada, Just listen…

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I drink and l know things. Love comics animation podcasts and i enjoy people.

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