Servant Season 3 Premiere

What is going on in this show? I have many questions I would like addressed here. So if you have them, click on the YouTube video below where we covered the first Episode entitled “Donkey”

Here are some updates on the Turner family, as Season 3 has jumped 3 months in time from the end of Season 2.

Dorothy is happy as I have seen her all series.

Sean seems to be very content, happy that he could cook for Jericho for the first time, complimenting his Son’s palate.

Julian is clean, has a new girlfriend, and seems to be in very positive spirits.

Then there is Leanne. She is VERY paranoid that the Church of Lesser Saints, led by Aunt May, are out for revenge. She can’t even walk down the block because she assumes anyone she sees to be a cult member, including the man who looks eerily similar to Uncle George, who Julian promptly paid off.

She hasn’t even been able to write a single word in her journal that Dorothy gave her in efforts to help her get back to some sense of normalcy.

Theory Time:

What We Do Know:

It has been 3 months, so Leanne is not pregnant (yet), although we do find out they are still sleeping together despite Julian having a new girlfriend, and Leanne does not want to end that part of their relationship.

What we Don’t Know:

What is going on with the house!? In Season one a crack formed down the middle of the basement, this ended up causing a black goo substance to leak out, and eventually where Aunt Josephine was roasted. (and it’s still not fixed? What is this shit??) M. Night Shyamalan did confirm Leanne has a connection with the house, and when she feels anger, the house takes some damage. Like when Julian was almost crushed by falling brick chasing after Leanne. But the goo? Someone explain this to me.

Leanne even had a Murph moment from Interstellar, where instead of the bookcase talking to her, the black goo talks to her, causing her to scribble down a flock of birds – Which ends up foreshadowing Julian being attacked by a pack of rabid Seagulls

Leanne then gets drunk and tries to get Toby to come over for a booty call.

Lastly, who broke into the Turner’s house, surely it was someone from The Church of Lesser Saints, no?

What I need to know, when will we see Aunt May, is she truly the big bad behind it all. Remember when the P.I Roscoe went missing he said he saw a man (or creature) that has hooks as hands. Could this person be the big bad? Or could he be the person/ creature that the cult worships?

Check out our video below and leave comments, lets figure this out together.

Just remember, don’t fuck with Leanne.


Don’t Look Up

Into Timothée Chalamet‘s Eyes….You will fall in Love

The latest Adam McKay entry “Don’t Look Up” is a comedic take on an apocalypse Movie. Usually the crazy Scientist is ignored for a bit, then taken serious, then saves the world (or at least gets the Government on board to help do their part). In this Movie, Jennifer Lawrence’s Kate Dibiasky & Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dr. Randall Mindy work together to discover a new Comet, and subsequently figure out it is headed directly towards Earth. This isn’t a minor level threat either, as the Comet would completely destroy the World, and everyone on it.

When Kate & Dr. Randall take this matter to the next level, with the help of Rob Morgan’s Dr. Teddy Oglethrope, who added an extreme level of humanity to this Movie. Because basically everyone at the White House was a piece of shit. Meryl Streep played President Orlean & Jonah Hill played her psychotic son, who also happened to be Chief of Staff Jason Orlean. Basically Kate & Randall were laughed out of the room because they didn’t go to an Ivy League School.

Then enter Mark Rylance’s Peter Isherwell, head of a giant Cell Phone Company that has an idea to break down the Comet to a smaller size so the smaller pieces could land safely on earth, so the rich could mine them for precious metals. The Country was divided on this, as this was surely a play on Trump Supporters and Non supporters. The “Don’t Look Up” hats may have well have said “MAGA”. Whether side you support, you must appreciate this comedic jab from McKay.

Needless to say, his plan fails, the President, Peter, and other elites load onto a Spaceship to leave Earth, knowing the plan had failed. Which ends hilariously about 22,000 years later after their ship landed, on a semingly habitabal planet .Then President Orlean apporaches a “beautiful” creature and her face is eaten by a “Bronteroc” . This was a hilarious callback to when Peter told her how she would die. How didn’t they age in over 22,000 years? I don’t know man, cryosleep? Either way, that joke really landed for me.

Everyone else either is fucking in the street, looting, praying, or – like the main cast is doing, eating dinner together as a family. There was Randall, his wife & kids, Kate, Dr. Teddy, and the scene stealer of the Movie, Timothée Chalamet‘s character Yule. They all sit there, not panicking, just loving each other. It gave me movie allergies. That’s the way to go out. Calm, in the presence of your loved ones. What an ending.

But let’s talk more about Yule.

Once he was introduced I needed a Yule prequel, like yesterday. I have been a fan of his for a very long time, and you could argue that he is the next Leo. On our Podcast I deemed him Oscar Kid #1 (4 years ago). So I have been on the Timmy fan train for a while now, and its only going faster at this point. He will win an Oscar someday, like come on, he can do it all. He led his Countryman into Battle in “The King” on Netflix, starred in the Epic “Dune”, and he was even in Interstellar to kick things off (he played young Casey Affleck). His IMDB speaks for itself, and he is a joy to watch in anything he appears in.

So what I ask of you, let’s all bombard Adam McKay’s Twitter feed @GhostPanther and let’s get a Yule sequel going. It can even be the events leading up to when he meets Kate (pictured above). I just need more Yule.

With an extinction level even headed his way, what does he do. Does he panic? Does he fuck off and leave Kate? No. He proposes to her, and for the first time the entire movie, I felt Kate to be happy. And isn’t that what we all want in this world? To be truly happy?  Well, Yule can deliver that to us all for another 2 hours as Yule. Let’s make it happen.

I mean, look at his baby blues too. It’s insane…



No Way to Watch

Even Spidey Masks Up

So I have been a Spidey fan for as long as I can remember. 1 Day before I was about to watch, I was diagnosed with COVID. This was devastating, but I’m sure I am not alone here.

To give you an idea of how big of a psycho I am when it comes to entertainment, I can think of 3 Specific examples.

  1. When the Breaking Bad finale was a few days out, I paid my cable bill 2 months in advance to make absolutely SURE I would not miss out on what was the best Series finale of all time. Also the best show of all time if you ask me. Unnecessary? Maybe, but so is drinking your own urine, but its sterile, and I like the taste.
  2. When Avengers Infinity War tickets went on sale I was SO quick to get my tickets, so quick in fact that I didn’t realize I bought the entire row in a movie theater in Washington DC. I live in Philadelphia. I ended up getting the correct tickets, but I’m sure some people in DC were NOT pleased that the best real estate in the theater was empty, because I am an idiot when it comes to my passions.
  3. When Endgame came out, I took off work 4 days prior to release, just in case I died to or from work. Yeah I know, I quarantined before it was cool.

This time around, I had no worries, my tickets were secure, prime real estate, and everything was looking like I was going to see my favorite Superhero Spidey in what is supposed to be the “Endgame” of Spider-Man movies. I wouldn’t know. I still can’t go to the theaters for another 10 days. But guess what, I’m sure there are a lot of you in the same shoes I am in.

Just know I feel for you, and it is killing me I still have not watched No Way Home. But if you are like me, avoid spoilers. Then, when we test negative of this horrible virus, we can all be kids again for the first time watching the magic unfold on screen.

Just do me a favor and do NOT bootleg it. This is an EVENT, and we must watch it in person, on a big ass screen. Just hold out a little longer. Long Live Tom Holland.

Dan – Scene Invaders

Hey Kids, Live Music!

Hey Kids, with the restrictions lifting around the world it seems we are privileged once again after what seems… well what was years to be able to enjoy live music once again!

Now I can only speak to the restrictions locally to me in the Great White North, so I’m sorry if the current freedom were enjoying isn’t shared with your region. Rest assured we will all get there!

So yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a concert with my best Gal Pal Dani, who treated me with tickets to the Canadian band The Trews. Years ago they won a radio contest Rock Search and have been touring strong ever since, so strong my Gal Pal Dani has seen them with this showing 12 times! Yes she’s a fan!

And after seeing their performance at the Niagara Falls Convention Center… I am too! I was a casual listener to their music as it played out of my car speakers on the local radio station… But after seeing them live… they jumped onto my favorites in my Spotify library.

The mood was light and rocking and they played to the crowd expertly. I’ve seen Guns N Roses, Metallica, Korn, Rob Zombie in huge sold out stadiums in my youth… Always fun… but this was a smaller intimate venue with folding chairs and bar tables and the ability to walk about and dance with… well anyone who wanted to dance with you, and that pretty much described the whole crowd!

The Crowd was so wonderful, dancing, singing, laughing and just celebrating. You could feel the energy of being cooped up for 2 years… and this band the Trews played a soundtrack to what felt like freedom.

I enjoyed myself and my friend so much that we’re already looking forward to our next live music outing.

Concerts have been around longer then streaming TV, the Internet, the Radio… Do yourself a service… take in this style of entertainment… You will not regret it.

The Names Brad from Canada, Just listen…

Hey Kids, Comics!

Hey Kids, Comics… well a Comic book creator… Id like to talk to you about a favorite creator of mine Stjepan Sejic, an artist writer who has published work from DC including the celebrated mini series Harleen amongst other giants like Aquaman, the Justice League, Suicide Squad, Nightwing, Green Arrow and Teen Titans.

Stjepan is a Croatian born artist who wanted to be a lawyer… seriously, he started his art career in comics as a colorist for Image artist Tyler Kirkham, who has a wonderful 90s style that got many young men (and some women) into comics for the visuals alone… Image started as a heavy art influenced company… Look at it now! in my opinion they have the most captivating stories on the shelves.

Stjepan who was influenced by Image alum Marc Silvesrti and the late great Michael Turner signed on to do the art duties on Witchblade from issue #116 to #150, which was the longest run of the series drawn by a single artist. Not too shabby, his art just fit with the look of the main character and all the action that went along with it.

I love Image comics and their books. But who woulda have thunk I discovered his work in of all things a romance story. Yes while perusing the Comic shop I saw a stunning cover to a book called Sunstone, his creator owned work… Which I’m going to focus on here.

Its a series about 2 women who start a BDSM relationship that is well… actually a realistic portrayal of said relationship along with the fun and… occasional awkwardness of a kinky couple. The book has a stunning lay out, laugh out loud panels and heart wrenching moments that actually had me tear up at the situations our protagonists Ally and Lisa were put through.

What it also has is a genuine look into the world of BDSM without all the dirty under ground gritty seedy vibes most media go for in an attempt to shock you into watching. No Stjepan writes with love and respect for the life style as he and his wife, talented comic artist with published work herself Linda are proud active participants in the BDSM world. I noticed the genuine quality as I myself fall in the category of kinkster. But as I said its not the more popular portrayed images of whips, chains and pain and sensationalistic graphic filth. there is love in these stories… both in the pages and from the creator himself. Not that he doesn’t have a wonderful sense of humor about the subject matter!

Sunstone has gone 6 volumes and has a prequal spin off ‘Mercy’ about the what I thought were simple a up and coming supporting cast of Sunstone, but you soon read that even the secondary characters have compelling wonderful stories themselves.

This is somewhat of a love letter from me to this creator… one for having the most stunning art I’ve seen in my 35 plus years of reading comics. Beyond his uber talent I also applaud his subject matter of BDSM and treating it with the utmost respect that would only come from an active participant of the kinky life style that as I said he has made no apologies for being a part of it.

I’ve only gleamed Stjepan’s work on this blog… look him up he has done work for most publishers, done video game art and even streams live drawing tutorials on Twitch. Do seek out his work, he has something for everyone.

Thanks for reading kids.

The Names Brad from Canada, I’m here for a good time, and a long time.

Hey Kids Music


Hey Kids, Brad from Canada here, and I like music, like you do. So today I’m going to talk (write/type) about an artist my gal pal Danni turned me on to.

His name is Leo Moracchioli and he is a Norwegian metal musician and producer based in Otedal. A multi-instrumentalist, he is best known for awesome and in my opinion superior metal covers of popular songs ranging from the Pokémon theme song to Bony M Rasputin (my favorite of his) this uber talented gentleman has gained over 4 million followers on YouTube as Frog Leap Studios.

Leo and his Daughter singing “call me baby”

I first heard of him as I said from my Gal Pal Danni, we were drinking (she’s Canadian too) at her place playing a game (simmer down perverts) of You Tube Music roulette, its fun. You pick a song, then the next song is picked by the available songs suggested. We were 2 beers in when we started and 2 cases and a few when we ended…

I picked a song by Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer… its a favorite of mine shut up. And I lame white guy danced to it in her kitchen. Her turn was next and she played… Living on a Prayer… but it was… HEAVY! guitars crunching, drums pounding and a voice that had a killer edge to it, but was melodic at the same time. I… lame white guy danced some more but with more vigor!!! this tune was… AMAZING!!!!!

When it was my turn to pick I chose another song by the same artist… Leo Moracchioli… which I called Leo cause… I’m and uncultured swine who couldn’t pronounce his name. I chose Rasputin and… yes lame white guy danced harder. And if you ask Danni she will say she didn’t dance, but she did… But see I’m a little afraid of her as she can easily out drink me so… PLEASE do me a solid and just don’t ask her if she danced… We cool?

At the end of the game and the 2 cases of beer we drank I must have chose every song I could of Leo’s… well was I wrong… in the cab on the way home I looked at my Spotify through one bloodshot eye and saw he had over 30 albums of cover songs! I hastily added him to my library and downloaded every song.

To say he’s passionate is an understatement

The next day my ear buds pounded out Leo’s brand of METAL inspired hits, like Hello from Adelle, WAP from that one girl… sue me, and Africa from Todo. Leo is such an animal when it comes to recording that he records a hit about once a week. And he will routinely play every instrument himself and produce it together… Just go watch “Can’t touch this” where you see him play every instrument and sing solo… from his bathroom… as he couldn’t get to his studio cause of Covid… the man is a machine.

His brand is fast and fun and I will see him play one day with my gal pal Danni when he hopefully plays in the North with his band Frog Leap.

The Frog Leap band members are – Leo Moracchioli (vocals and guitar), Erik Torp (bass), Rabea Massaad (guitar), Truls Haugen (vocals and drums).

Do yourself a favor and search him up on any of your music apps social media or You Tube. You won’t regret it.

Hey Kids, Music. Thanks for Reading

The Names Brad from Canada

In the Darkest hour when the demons come… call on me friend and we will fight them together.

Hey Kids COMICS!

Hi, you know all the great things as of late you have been watching on TV and in the theaters… well most of them are based on comic books… I know right!

So, Im a comic nerd, have been for about 35 years, so Im here to hightlight some books I come across while looking at my local comic shops. Old and New.

The one I’m talking about today is Kyle Higgins Radiant Black. its a super hero tale thats really worth checking out. If you were a fan of the comic Invincible then this is the book for you. It has the same feel of fantastic things happening organically.

The book highlights failing writer Nate Burnette who after some rather hefty financial woes is forced to move back into his parents home to continue his dream of stretching out his published short story into a full on novel. He is met with open arms from a loving mother, a… not too impressed father and a very excited long time old friend Marshal.

Marshal takes Nate out to drink and catch up and then the fun begins… Nate finds a black (Like the title!!!!!! ya, we getting somewhere now) orb floating about him… touches it and is endowed with superpowers… BANG, that’s it.

And can I say how refreshing that concept is. it’s been many years that such a simple premise has been used to such great effect. Powers… BOOM!

I’m not going to spoil this book with much detail, no, I want you to read it! it’s worth your time and money if you like superhero comics, there are fun incidents and I’d say perhaps one of the more original twists I’ve ever read!

Do yourself a favor, pick up Radiant Black in either trade which is how I read the first arc or single issues. In my advanced age I find myself preferring the trade format to read. And since its an Image comics first trade it’s cheaper then the following trades that will come next… which I will be picking up once available.

There you go kids, COMICS. Have you read this? tell me what you think about it.

The Names Brad from Canada

Win if you can lose if you must but never cheat.

From “Brad” to “Brad From Canada”

Hello all, Thanks for checking this blog out, Im not ashamed to say this is my very first Blog entry ever!

If you’ll endulge me I’d like to tell you why and how I’m here.

A few years ago I was looking to listen to a podcast the delt with pop culture, but I didn’t want one hosted by a celebrity, as… well as fun as they can be… there is a disconnect they deal with… one, being uber wealthy and the other just being in the industry might make them a little bias on the subjects they talk about.

So, I searched and found a little show called Scene Invaders with Dan and Bill… I gave it a listen and enjoyed their chemistry and there no nonsense approach to talking about actors and productions they enjoyed and had criticisms with. I also laughed a lot at their quips and jokes, they weren’t trying to be funny… which so many podcast hosts try to do… they were just two guys talking and being funny. I was hooked.

I emailed them, they read my email… and I was delighted to hear my… me! some Jag Off from the great white north… My name “Brad” on a podcast. Danny coined me “Brad from Canada” which I loved instantly lol. They talked about how I was their first international listener. Another title I do hold with pride (Canadian Pride… its just being proud and not talking about it unless you had a few beers) and smile on occasion thinking about being first at anything… I never played Sports Ball so being first at anything is fun.

I continued to listen and write in to the Scene Invaders show and they wrote me back and talked about the subjects I’d bring up. It was fun, I told all my friends about the show and they told their friends and so on and so on.

Then… well ok, my wife left me… not cause of the podcast lol… no other reasons. imagine if if was because of the podcast??? “Brad Its either me or Scene Invaders”… as I put on my ear buds and walk out the door LOL, ok none of that happened.

During my separation 3 things happened, 1 I listened to Scene Invaders and honestly forgot all the heavy emotions I was dealing with, the show was an escape for me, a reminder that there is fun stuff to watch and listen to and consume, which led to making new friends over shared loves of the media discussed on the show. 2 I discovered Ted Lasso because of a recommendation from Danny, this show helped me get through my emotional turmoil that I was swimming in. if you have seen the show you know… if you haven’t WTF is wrong with you? It’s the best show! 3 I was invited to come on to my favorite podcast and talk, which I did. It was episode 200. That was fun, so much fun, and it was cathartic as I talked about my affinity and appreciation for what Scene Invaders did for me.

Then… The hosts of the show asked me to co-host… which I jumped at, I loved being on ep 200 and I wanted to do it again in any capacity! I was introduced as Brad From Canada, as I said a title I revel in. We talked Movies TV Comics Video Games and whatever else you need covered. I was happy to be part of it.

Then… The hosts asked me if I wanted to do a YouTube show with them… WTF!!!!!!! Me? Why? lol. They were very kind and told me I had a personality that fit. I was just intoxicated enough to say “Yes” and then with the help of my girlfriend came up with “The Retr0Old Guy” cause… well I’m older then the podcasts creators… a running joke I still love… when I can remember it… I’m old.

I had a few drinks and recorded a show on GIJOE sent it and it got put on You Tube… it was watched enough times that I decided I want to do more, so I went out got a lap top and just dove in. I love doing it. I really do, it gave me a project that got my head straight during a very down time in my personal life.

I have recorded a few shows which has evolved to “The RetrOld Guy, Brad from Canada” where I review stuff I loved in my youth wayyyyyyyyyy back in the 70s 80s and 90s to see if it still holds up, and I add some Canadian experiences that me and my silly friends and family endure during my consuming of the things I once loved…

Once bitten… Now I want to do more. And I will.

That’s my up to date tale… From Brad… to Brad from Canada, you know I wouldn’t be here without Scene Invaders, the direction and opportunities they gave me are something I can’t really repay (Thank God they haven’t asked for any compensation… Canadian money doesn’t spent like American money does) but I will try and do my best to have fun with the boys and girls while on here.

Thanks for reading

The Names Brad From Canada

Be curious, not judgemental