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What Just Happened?!

WJH is a fan favorite series where we watch a suggested show every week and give our immediate reactions and theories on where we think the show will go next! Join in on the fun here to watch more WJH videos, share your own theories, and let us know what show you’d like to see us cover next!

ImagiNation with Jason

ImagiNation with Jason is our family friendly segment that covers many areas of pop culture including Marvel, DC, Disney, Star Wars, and more! Joined by special guests from other Invaders, to friends, to fellow Disney enthusiasts, Jason ranks fan favorites against current “geek events” like new movies, discusses Disney movie marathons, gives social commentaries, and even throws us some intriguing trivia!

CBD on VHS & The RetrOLD Guy

Like the hosts of these segments, some things age like fine wine. If you’d like to discuss some classic entertainment with some classic guys, check out CBD on VHS and The RetrOLD Guy to reminisce about some favorite throwbacks.

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